We could talk about shapes, colours. About our obsessive care for all the details and the constant research and innovation throughout our industrial processes. About the refinement of the aesthetics, our very personal taste for beauty, real expression of the purest Made in Italy.

We could talk about constant innovation, but also about a belonging sense to artisan tradition, fusion which brings not only tangible results from internationally known designers, but also the meeting’s poetry between tradition and modernity, among hands, heart, chemistry, materials.

But the only expression that truly encompasses all that we are is simply emotion.

Emotion for sight, with no doubts, result of our constant trend towards all those motivations coming from the world outside and to transform them into always new and fascinating products.

However, emotion is also, and perhaps mainly, for touch, the only one of the five senses through which, by definition, one really learns the tangible quality of bodily things. The only sense that that primordial function of knowledge and stimulation of emotions has.

Emotions that we at Molteni Vernici aim to give, combining with style and elegance all the features that for years have made us a point of reference in the luxury market in the interior and outdoor design sector.

The French painter Gauguin said “First of all, emotion. Only after understanding. “

And this is how our products and our creations aim to capture the soul: thrilling, hitting the heart, becoming an almost dreamlike experience involving all the senses, and only afterwards, and right through this, making understand what those products are, represent, carry with them.


Each step is fixed on the surfaces giving new details, always different material peculiarities that transform a simple object into a unique piece of design.


Glossy hues adhere, protect and preserve every surface, while bright, intense tones give life to fine finishes.


The luxury of precious metals such as gold, copper and bronze lives on in the brilliant enamels that cover every surface with shining nuances.

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Glossy hues adhere, protect and preserve every surface, while bright, intense tones give life to fine finishes.

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Materials and supports blend together to create a unique aesthetic elegance. New technologies and modern colours are the basis of our quest for beauty.


Luminosity to the eye and light graininess to the touch are the vivid sensations that arouse the exclusive diamond finishes, finishes born as true jewels of the jewellery art made in Italy.


Each surface has its own characteristics that become unique to us through our paints. We want to enhance every support to make it unrepeatable.



In the wake of this emotion, we now want to take you to know our reality more deeply, making you immerse yourself in the heart of the identity of Molteni Vernici.

To do this, we can only start from our idea of ​​beauty. 

Commonly defined as a quality capable of satisfying the soul through the senses by arousing contemplation, beauty for us means first of all care and attention to detail.

This is why our design idea inevitably passes through the finishes.

Often little considered in the overall judgment of a product’s beauty, finishes are instead able to shape and modify the underlying relationships with the surrounding environment, playing on harmonies and contrasts of materials and colors, lights and shades.

The choice of finishes therefore substantially influences creating the desired atmosphere within the rooms and Molteni Vernici offers a varied range of special paints, including carbonized wood, bronzed brass, delabrè, corten, material effects, brushed metallic effects each with their own peculiarities and their own language.

If our work were only a creative process, we could limit ourselves to guaranteeing quality finishes, with constant research into materials, with an attractive design and in line with the times. 

But there is more.

To succeed in our aim of guaranteeing a satisfying visual dialogue between design and environments, we aim for absolute uniqueness and aesthetic refinement, not contenting ourselves with following the fashions of the moment but constantly looking to the future of design and creativity. 

The tendency is in fact to deviate as much as possible from the standardization of the product, supporting the growing aesthetic awareness of customers and therefore seeking ad hoc solutions: working on materials and surfaces therefore becomes fundamental, rewriting their very essence from time to time.

The world of design is constantly evolving. A constant becoming, with a thousand facets, in every area. Realizing this reality and wondering what to expect from the future, to be ahead of the times, perhaps, or simply to avoid being caught unprepared, is therefore the real engine that moves our eyes, our hands and our heart.



Molteni Vernici: Forge of unique effects and colors that perfectly enhance the beauty of design.