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For Metalic Surfaces

Molteni Vernici has developed a series of kits to reproduce a selection of its most popular finishes.

Specific kits are available depending on the type of surface to be treated; this Kit has been specially designed to reproduce the CHROME MIRROR Finish on METALLIC surfaces, and consists of 8 different components made by Molteni Vernici to achieve the best results in terms of both aesthetics and durability over time.

Kit composition (for a 10 sqm yeld):

  • Universal Primer for Metals code F4000 – 1lt
  • Hardener for Metal Primers code 9106 – 1lt
  • CHROME MIRROR Base code 23000 – 1lt
  • Universal Hardener code 9163 – 1lt
  • CHROME MIRROR Finish code 2200 – 1lt
  • Top Coat for CHROME MIRROR code 16000 – 1lt
  • Slow Thinner Universal code 9501 – 1lt
  • Fast Thinner Universal  code 5000 – 1lt

Note: The products indicated are for PROFESSIONAL USE only. Detailed instructions on the use of the kit and its components will be supplied upon purchase. The prices indicated are VAT and transport costs excluded: during checkout will be added to the total according to the destination (if applicable) and the order volume.

€ 250,00

Dimensions (lxhxp):
40 cm x 25 cm x 23 cm
8 kg