For Plastic Surfaces

MolteniVernici has created a series of Kit (polished 100 gloss/matt 10 gloss) of Antimicrobial Top Coats.

ANTIMICROBICAL™ is apatented technology which allows the slow release of positive nanotechnologicalions through a process of highly technological ionic exchange exiting from thefilm’s inorganic basis of protective paint. The release of these ions is slowand continuous, but sufficient to maintain unchanged an effective concentration of positive ions on the surface of the treated supports, from which the antimicrobial property’s efficacy of the coverage depends through time.
All products ANTIMICROBICAL™ are certified in accordance with ASTM and JISand are apt both for indoor and for outdoor.
Specific kits are available based on the type of surface to treat. This Kit has been conceived for PLASTIC* surfaces, in direct adhesion (after adesion tests).
It contains 3 exclusive products created by Molteni Vernici in order to obtain the best results both from the aesthetical point of view, and from the durability through time point of view.

Kit Composition (for a yield of 10 sqm):

  • Antimicrobial Transparent Top Coat (Code 19000 Polished/Code 19500 Matt) – 1lt
  • Universal Hardener (Code 9163) – 1lt
  • Universal Rapid Thinner (Code 5000) – 1lt

*not suitable for PP or PET

Note: The products indicated are for PROFESSIONAL USE only. Detailed instructions on the use of the kit and its components will be supplied upon purchase. The prices indicated are VAT and transport costs excluded: during checkout will be added to the total according to the destination (if applicable) and the order volume.

€ 100,00

Dimensions (lxhxp):
40 cm x 25 cm x 23 cm
3 kg